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     Consider the Options, Its Not A One Way Street. Take Control, Its Your LIFE At Stake!

In my website cancer options support in bham, I want to bring you videos of ‘proven’ Cancer individuals that have used Alernative relief and cures’ for their Cancer, and so overcome their traumas of the dreaded Cancer battle.
Real people using other Cancer Options open to them… SO would they still be alive if they didn’t?
There are countless thousands of these ordinary people that did not accept the  death sentence of  Cancer’s  survival statistics  soley upon medical advice and treatment.
So What do you have to lose Simply by looking at other options maybe like any disaster or shock, don’t make a snap decision, step back and give yourself time to analyze the facts and alternatives that may just  offer a road to recovery, Don’t get railroaded into a quick decision by other peoples ideas of “ what they  would do if they  were you”. This is a big decision look at what others who have had and experienced the same as what you are going through, theirs may be the best advise you can get, this is really important being why they are survivors of cancer i.e the real truth .
It takes guts to have an ‘open mind’ and accept that there are alternatives to Cancer treatment.
The research has always been there for over 50 years and used by countless thousands of survivors cured of cancer. Question the establishment, is it 100 % right for you and not best for them, its not their body so listen to your inner mind .

                                 A Fruit Tree Proven to CURE CANCER by Billion Dollar Drug Company in 1970.                                        A Natural Cancer Cell Killer 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemo!         BUT NEVER USED.

P.S I don’t receive any payment from this information provided by others. My website is for education only, You may want to consult a healthcare practitioner for any health problems.

That the billions made out of other people’s misery is outrageous. Even doctors would not follow their own advice for themselves or their own family. Look up the statistics of what doctors do for themselves in that situation.
…. A Doctor in my opinion does not have the right to give you a ‘death sentence’ and  STRESS YOU OUT  along with your family and friends
And not even offer you any other alternatives, and    knowing  that there are other alternatives.                                   SHAME ON THEM. (IS this a step towards  the new world order?)


HI my name is Douglas I’m 65 and originally from Birmingham I have for more than 30 years practised my natural gift of Energy Healing : READ MORE or by phone 020 3289 4717

 As Other Death Rates Fall, Cancer’s Scarcely MovesBy GINA KOLATA

Published: April 24, 2009

Data from the National Center for Health Statistics show that death rates over the past 60 years — the number of deaths adjusted for the age and size of the population — plummeted for heart disease, stroke, and influenza and pneumonia. But for cancer, they barely budged.

The additional diagnoses mostly result from more screening, Dr. Berry adds. While finding some cancers earlier may save lives, many would never have caused problems if they had been left alone. Others are deadly whether they are treated or not. Since there usually is no good way to decide whether a cancer will be deadly, doctors usually treat all as if they are life-threatening.

A result is an increase in diagnoses and survivors but, if treatment does not improve for deadly cancers, little change in the death rate.

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Most doctors who were terminally ill would AVOID aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy – despite recommending it to their patients

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Stress and Cancer:  Psychological Stress Leads To Cancer…Resolving The  Stress Can Heal Cancer.

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